My Story

This is my story.  Some of it actually happened.  I cannot always separate what happened from my story about it. I wrote most of this in May 2007 as part of the Wisdom Unlimited Course.  There is at least one page with a picture for every year of my life.

It seems as though this life is meant to experience paradox.  In my life, the events that seemed the most painful have provided the greatest lessons; the greatest losses created potential for the greatest gain.  The interconnectedness of life is amazing to me.

The major outline of my life is as follows; I moved around with my parents throughout my childhood.  By the age of sixteen, I had lived in Texas (where I was born), Illinois, Louisiana, Alabama, and Colorado.  I was married and  father to a daughter at the age of eighteen.  I was  divorced by the age of twenty.  I was married a second time  and had a son      at the age of twenty-seven.  That marriage lasted for about twelve years, and I have had a couple of other significant relationships since then.  I have lived in Colorado since I moved here with my parents in 1974.

My parents have celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary.  I am so thankful that they have provided me a model of integrity throughout my life, as I have learned that from them and made that a part of my life.  I am happier and more fulfilled in my life than I ever thought possible.

I have used dates by year rather than my age to organize these pages.  I have also included an indication of who was president during that year.  This gives everyone a common frame of reference as they look at this.

As background art, I have created different gradients and fractal images.  I have always liked the way fractal images look, and to me fractal images are a reflection of many aspects of nature.  The characteristic that draws me to fractals is that they are infinitely self similar but always unique; much like people and conversations.

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