About me

My current business card says Terry Sanders– Artist Musician Dreamer. I would have it read Artist Musician Player, but Player has a different accepted meaning; I mean One Who Plays.

I am an exceptional man with integrity, honesty, a sense of humor, good health, good looks, (and humility) who is seemingly getting younger and always growing. My greatest lifelong passion is for music. Some of my earliest memories are of being deeply moved by music and wanting to be a part of it, whether as a listener or creator.

I am constantly striving to experience life “outside the box” until that which was once outside the box and a challenge becomes a part of who I am and ordinary. Then I look for a new “outside the box”. In moments of clarity, there is no “box” When I become aware of this in my life, I feel very grateful and fulfilled.

To me the most important education comes from that uncommon trait referred to as common sense. I thank my father for the best lessons in this that anyone could have. I worked at one place for more than twenty-five years in various capacities, being given many opportunities to learn new skills. I have lived in Colorado for more than 40 years and love it!

I stopped smoking cigarettes in 1999 on my Mom’s birthday, and began reclaiming my physical, mental and spiritual health at about the same time. These are things that I took for granted and disrespected for most of my adult life. I am amazed and humbled by the resilience of the human body, and am grateful for its forgiving nature.

I enjoy listening to and playing music, especially bluegrass. Nothing makes me aware of “being in the moment” as much as playing music with other people. I stay young through massage, being in the moment, choosing happiness, and pursuit of joy and bliss. I have completed the “ten-series” of Rolfing, which was and continues to be exhilerating. The combination of these activities has put me in a place beyond any expectations I ever had for myself in this lifetime!

I play guitar and mandolin, listen to music, work in my yard, eat healthy food, try to learn almost anything, and camp in Southern Utah. I enjoy road trips, massage, live music, beginner sushi, intimacy, touch, spontaneity, hot springs, fractals, nature, beauty, being in the moment and oblivious of time.

I believe that religion is to spirituality as politics is to leadership; religion and politics represent the dark side of positive energies. I am saddened by the homogenization of America, both as expressed in individuals and in towns and neighborhoods; we are not all the same! I believe that common sense should be renamed uncommon sense. I believe that Steely Dan ruined rock and roll by making it too polished. I believe that love cannot be inappropriately placed.

I enjoy getting insight into the creative process. My belief is that the boundaries between different types of music exist only if we choose to recognize them, and that music is a human expression of a subset of the universal language of frequency, rhythm, and change (three different words for vibration).

I believe that television is a tool for brainwashing the masses. By filling minds with empty placeholders, we can atrophy the most useful muscle that we have – the brain!

I would like to meet cool people, musicians to play with, and people who share my passions. I like those who have enough substance to at least cast a shadow and who have integrity.

I would also like to meet a spontaneous woman who takes care of herself and is not afraid of connecting, one who enjoys sharing touch. I have an appreciation for those who know who they are and have done work on themselves, navigating the fine line between healthy self esteem and humility for our place in all of life. A sharp mind is essential.