Fractal Geometry

Can fractal geometry can give us a model of workability that can be realized at any scale? Is the same process that supports one’s “inner journey” towards finding fulfilment the same as what would be expressed outwardly at the scale of community, nation and world? Can that model be whole and complete at any scale?

A fractal showing self-similarity

A fractal showing self-similarity

I see fractals as a metaphor for the concept of our perception of reality being influenced by our thoughts. Sometimes it seems as though we are doing the same things over and over. The results we get, our ‘output’, ‘prove’ to us that our beliefs are ‘true.’ Those results are then a starting place for a new iteration, and become the ‘feedback’ that strengthens our belief. This is the equivalent of taking the results of an equation and putting it back into the equation again and then re-calculating.


One of the models I have found for workability is based in my experience of playing music with other people. One


A zoom into the prior image showing detail.

enters an altered state of awareness, and in the service of something bigger than “self”, one’s perception alters. My experience is that several aspects of “reality” – my ideas of who I am, outward stresses and cares, even time – are all suspended in service of embodying the expression of music. I wonder of there is something that can be taken from this small experiential model and used at different scales of inter-personal relationships?


Here is a video I have created that talks about some of the things that I see in fractals, including beauty, awe, play, imagination and iteration.

What I see in fractals

A Dream for the World – A Fractal Model

Mandelbrot set as ubuntu

Of chaos and order

It’s fractals all the way down . . . Some of my fractal artwork

I would love it if you would share your similar experiences.