A Dream for the World

Let us dream of a world where every person will have the experience of being seen and appreciated for their contribution and for their essence. Let us dream that there is an inspiring and scalable model for cooperation in the world, a model that will work for individual, community, nation and world. Let that model include love, gratitude, compassion, play, acceptance and celebration of who we are, and self expression without suppression of others; a fractal model that exists infinitely inward and infinitely outward at the same time, and in both directions whole and complete.

Let us dream that humans will begin to align in choices that are informed by commitments that support ALL of life. Not just human life. Not to the detriment of the future. We are not alone, and in spite of the inflated idea of the self-worth of our species, we are relatively insignificant in the realm of ALL THAT IS. Let us dream that humans will be able to live in an environment of love, gratitude, compassion, play, acceptance, and presence within ALL THAT IS. Let us dream that this will reverberate through the universe, finding resonance where it will.

This dream arrived during the Winter Solstice of 2010, the longest night of the year. Legends say that this the longest night is a powerful time for dreams and visions to come true.

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