You can’t control the wind but you can adjust the sail

I wrote the following words on my birthday last year; it was shortly after the beginning of the oil spil in the Gulf. #fractalmoments

It seems that collectively, the commitment of humans to money is stronger than the commitment to safety, ethics, or almost anything else. Corporate structure further nourishes the commitment to money while offering little support for such human values as compassion, empathy, and benevolence. This is the context in which such things as the Gulf oil spill have happened.

My heart and prayers go out to all of life (marine and land, plant and animal, ocean earth and sky) that is affected by the Gulf oil spill. My birthday wish is that out of a manmade disaster such as this, humans will begin to align in choices that are informed by commitments that support ALL of life. Not just human life. Not to the detriment of the future. We are not alone, and in spite of the inflated idea of the self-worth of our species, we are relatively insignificant in the realm of ALL THAT IS.

What is the predictable future if we do not align on choices born out of a commitment less short-sighted than immediate profits? What are the commitments that we can ALL support? What choices would such commitments open up? Are we willing to BE that?

As I watched events unfold after the tsunami in Japan, I felt this even more strongly than before. At least a portion of the aftermath of nuclear impacts seems to arise from the choices of a Japanese utility company not to address the modernization of nuclear technology.

The devastation of the tsunami, especially as it has been captured from so many perspectives, shows the power of natural forces. The scale of nature’s power undeniably demands respect. Even in the presence of such natural devastation, a bigger disaster may be the impact of a corporation’s choices about upgrading the technology of their nuclear plants. Had the power plants been modified and updated more over their time of operation, perhaps they would have been able to withstand the forces involved with less failure. With the benefit of retrospect, it appears to be a short-sighted and profit-driven choice.

My heartfelt compassion goes out to all impacted by these disasters, both natural and human. May we help all to heal and recover.

This is part of the background that led to the arrival of a dream for the world.  The dream is sourced from watching events, both natural and man-made, that affect all of us; the Gulf oil spill, the Japan tsunami, and subsequent nuclear meltdown and radioactive meltdown  It was also influenced by Oriah Mountain Dreamer, who invited dreams on the longest night of the year with the intention that the dream come true. So, let us dream . . .

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