A Dream for the World

Let us dream of a world where every person will have the experience of being seen and appreciated for their contribution and for their essence. Let us dream that there is an inspiring and scalable model for cooperation in the world, a model that will work for individual, community, nation and world. Let that model include love, gratitude, compassion, play, acceptance and celebration of who we are, and self expression without suppression of others; a fractal model that exists infinitely inward and infinitely outward at the same time, and in both directions whole and complete.

Fractal Geometry

I am on an exploration to see if fractal geometry can give us a model of workability that can be realized at any scale. Is the same process that supports one’s “inner journey” towards finding fulfilment the same as what would be expressed outwardly at the scale of community, nation and world? Can that model be whole and complete at any scale?


One of the models I have found for workability is based in my experience of playing music with other people. One enters an altered state of awareness, and in the service of something bigger than “self”, one’s perception alters. My experience is that several aspects of “reality” – my ideas of who I am, outward stresses and cares, even time – are all suspended in service of embodying the expression of music. I wonder of there is something that can be taken from this small experiential model and used at different scales of inter-personal relationships?


Two networks interwoven, much like in the human body where the circulatory and neural networks coexist to provide complete interconnection. How deeply does interconnected go? Beyond self and other?


What inspires you? One way to tell is to take a look at how you occupy time. If you spend your time on things that inspire you, chance are that you are happy.

Realizing potential

This is my personal web site. It, like me, is always undergoing a process of transformation. This is exactly as it exists right now. Enjoy!

Terry Sanders -- Artist Musician Dreamer

I believe that the words we use becomes the house we live in. If we change our words, we change our world. We can do this with awareness and intention or unconsciously and aimlessly. Our choices will inform our future. How do we want to live into that future -- as individual, community, nation, world and universe? More than anything, I use this web site to ensure that I have quality building materials available for my house of words. Words and worlds of inspiration remain here for me when I lose track of what matters to me.